Volleyspike revolutionises the way we score volleyball matches. This new digital platform, developed in conjunction with the Belgian Volleyball Federation, saves time, money and ensures the results are immediately available.

The current, paper based system is complicated, requires filling in scoring sheets with teams and referee information and is prone to human error.
Also, sheets have to be officially printed and purchased in batches - not photocopied - adding additional unnecessary expenses. Sheets must then be posted which extends the validation process. Once received, the results are validated by officials and, as the results are captured manually, there is still the potential for errors that need to be rectified. This is a time-consuming process and potentially still prone to mistakes. Eventually they are entered manually into an online system that is also time-consuming.

volleyball player

Volleyspike changes all that. It’s benefits include:

  • The process of preparing match data is simplified
  • Human input errors are reduced by applying business rules to data being captured
  • The process of scoring is made easier
  • The app captures information such as who scored so that future analysis can be performed such as on trends or player profiles
  • Match history is logged so the progression of the game can be played back
  • Uploading results is easy

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